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Texas Winter League continues to run out prospects

It's tough to miss talented prospects in an age where technology can make anyone's talents viral, yet there are some players who still fall through cracks. Fortunately for all you hopefuls, multiple Independent leagues are around that give you a chance at the next level.

The Texas Winter League, now entering its third season, is a prime example. They've had over 150 prospects sign professional contracts. Yes, the majority never get to the majors, many, will never leave the Indy leagues, but that doesn't mean their talent doesn't go unnoticed.

Indy Ball Weekly Perspective: Saints new park, Barnstormers get a Jay

Saints and SPIRE come to terms

The St. Paul Saints and SPIRE Credit Union have come to terms on the name of the Saints ballpark. Come September, CHS Field will be home to the Saints and the support from the community continues to grow. The eight year agreement between the Saints and the areas the most recognizable credit union, is a win win for both companies. Dan Stolz, President and CEO of SPIRE Credit Union is very proud to be involved. "As a long-time sponsor, SPIRE is honored to be a founding partner of CHS Field, we look forward to a continued relationship with Mike Veeck and the St. Paul Saints."

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