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When has "fandom" gone too far?

As sports fans, we get all riled up when we watch our favorite team or player. How many times have you been ready to throw the remote at the TV when your team gives up the winning touchdown with no time left or your guy strikes out to end the game with the winning run on third? We get so caught up that what comes out of our mouth is downright despicable. Most times we forget that those on the field making millions of dollars are people just like us, just in a different tax bracket! The emotions that run wild during a game is all fine and dandy, but Tom Brady goes home to his family after the game just like we go home to our family after a long day at work. 

Michael Saunders is your surprise MLB All-Star candidate

It’s no surprise the MLB All-Star is a popularity contest and is topic that generates good conversation. We're still in the midst of a wild MLB season, but it's a good time to speculate who will make this year's MLB All-Star picks.

Many are voted to the team year in year out when they aren’t having the best year. Even injured players still get voted it in. On the other hand, coaches, managers, and active players get to cast their votes for their respective teammates and reserve players. When all's said and done, every team will have at least one representative at the game.

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