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Sqor CEO Brian Wilhite has a unique platform for the new age athlete

Sqor has come up with an ingenious way to enhance the fan/athlete relationship.

They have taken the social media experience to a whole other level, With the click of a button any athlete or team on the SQOR roster can create their own content in real time. Any news on any team or personality is available at your fingertips. Today's sports personalities are creating content that is fully available to members of Sqor giving them an interactive experience like no other.

I had the pleasure to speak with Sqor CEO, Brian Wilhite who talks about their commitment to this new platform.

The GM’s Perspective: Can you give the reader’s an understanding of what Sqor is and what your company is trying to accomplish?

Brian Wilhite: We’ve built a social network dedicated specifically to sports, but more specifically to the athlete/fan relationship. I was looking at the world of sports a few years ago (I started the company approximately three years ago), and I observed that something was missing in the sports eco-system. And if you think about sports globally and with the World Cup going on right now, most of how the sports product is delivered to us around the team, the league, and the game.

Indy Ball Weekly Perspective: ATL says speed it up, Winnipeg tops in attendance again

Welcome to the latest edition of the Indy Ball Weekly Perspective

  • Last year, the Atlantic League experimented with shortening the lengths of games. Since that time they have continued to collect data relevant to the cause, and have now created the Pace of Play Committee. The panel, which consists of Tal Smith, Roland Hemond, Joe Klein, Cecil Cooper, Bud Harrelson and Sparky Lyle, will be taking suggestions from fans, media, baseball people from a variety of sources, and proposals from the committee who will look for ways to enhance the "watchability" of the game while keeping the fundamental rules and integrity intact.