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On and off the court, The Professor is in a league of his own

You many not know the name Grayson Boucher, but when you hear “The Professor” you know exactly what and who I’m talking about.

When it comes to Streetball, there is really nothing these guys can’t do with a basketball. They have the talent and ability of an NBA player and the charisma and ball handling skills of a magician. It’s not just about scoring points, but scoring in way that makes the everyone in attendance hold their collective breath..

After his freshman year at Chemeketa CC, he went for a dream. And that dream was realized when he earned a contract with And1.

Boucher’s professional career started with other Streetball legends like Skip to My Lou, Main Event, Hot Sauce, Spyda, 50, and AO on the AND1 Mixed Tape Tour. At 5’10 and 150 pounds, he’s not the polarizing figure as others were on the court, but what he can do with a basketball is frightening and can literally make people who guard him, fall down.

Since his meteoric rise, his life has changed. And after nearly 15 years as a professional, he’s still promoting the game he loves all over the world.

Schea Cotton: The Man, The Myth, The Manchild

Before LeBron James there was Schea Cotton…

Cotton was destined for NBA stardom. Unfortunately life doesn’t always play out the way it should. In hindsight, maybe it was always supposed to be that way.

He was nationally known before he was in high school and at 15 was in Sports Illustrated. It was certain that Cotton was was going pro, but an investigation between the NCAA and ETS over SAT’s delayed his entrance into college by over two years. The automatic was derailed. Cotton never appeared in the NBA, but 10 years of professional basketball overseas is nothing to dismiss.

Some may look at that as a failure. But he has done more in the game of basketball that most could ever imagine. His is a story of triumph, heartbreak, and redemption. It’s now the template others can look at for guidance in their own career.

With little regret, he’s now giving back to the game in the most unselfish way possible; with knowledge. The myth finally turned into reality when “Manchild” was released in June of 2016.

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