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By: Devon Teeple
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Where in the world is Jonathan Albaladejo?

By: Devon Teeple

There are so many players that show a glimpse of promise and all of sudden they're gone. Jonathan Albaladejo's first season in the majors (2007) saw him take the mound 14 times for the Washington Nationals. He posted a 1.88 ERA and struck out 12 in 14 innings surrendering only two base on balls. By all accords, everything seemed on the up and up.

Five years later and after 66 appearances, Albaladejo would never appear in a Major League game again. He's not the first player to have a career like this and he won't be the last. But after 17 years at the professional level and over 660 games, these players should be praised not forgotten. There's only so many Mike Trout's and Chris Sale's around. It's the grinders, those guys who may not be the most talented and may not grace the cover of SI, but make the game go around. You don't necessarily need a home run to wins games, you need singles and sac bunts. Not glamourous, but I think you get what I'm trying to say.

For NFL Undrafted's Chad Toocheck, belief is hope

By: Devon Teeple

The last time I spoke with Chad Toocheck, he was coming off being profiled on the NFL Network's Undrafted series. From being "this close" to realizing a dream of playing in the NFL and overcoming his own personal demons with drugs and alcohol, Toocheck was also dealing with being diagnosed with testicular cancer and coping with the passing of his mother, a special lady so important to his sobriety, that she continues to be the driven force behind his mission to become a better person.

I caught up with Toocheck recently, and with no surprise, he continues to changes lives and inspire others to be the best they can be.

The GM’s Perspective: Chad, it’s been approximately one year since we talked about your time on NFL Network's Undrafted and your time in the Arena League. What’s been going on since?

Chad Toocheck: Less of me and more of others. I’ve really been trying to give back as much as possible. WIth the passing of my mom last year that really opened my eyes to what my purpose is. It really has nothing to do with me. I’ve always been driven to help kids, but now more than ever I know that’s my real focus in life.


Barfield thrives in Sugar Land

By: Devon Teeple

For all us Blue Jays fans out there, the name Jesse Barfield takes us back to glory days of Jays baseball. The late 80's club was filled with names like Bell, Moseby, Garcia, Stieb, and Key were synonymous with winning. Barfield, #29 is one of the greatest to ever put on their uniform and has a Silver Slugger, two Gold Gloves, and a home run title to prove it.

Eight year vet rises to the challenge, signs with Round Rock

By: Devon Teeple

It didn’t take long for Josh Wilson raise some eyebrows. After resigning with the York Revolution for a second season, the veteran infielder signed a minor league deal with the Texas Rangers' Triple-A affiliate (Round Rock Express) becoming the first Revs player to sign with a Major League franchise this season.

None of this is new for Wilson who’s entering his 19th pro season. He was drafted by the Florida Marlins in the third round of the 1999 MLB June Amateur Draft. While at Mount Lebanon HS, Wilson was named the State Player of the Year, and helped guide his team to a state championship.


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