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By: Devon Teeple
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Red Sox sign a Jackal

By: Devon Teeple

Conrad Gregor, outfielder for the New Jersey Jackals, became the first CanAm League player to sign a minor league contract in 2017. The Boston Red Sox signed the 5-year vet to a minor league deal and so far he’s been as advertised.

Since signing with the Sox, the Vanderbilt alum. has batted .340 in 16 games for the Salem squad (Class A Advanced). Gregor, who’s a career .270 hitter, spent his entire professional career within the Houston Astros organization until this year.

4th and Goal for Johnny Football

By: Devon Teeple

It wasn't too long ago when I went on a rant on society's perspective (no pun intended) on athletes, expectations, and how their performance and actions somehow impact our life. And when our role models and heroes let us down, we take it personally.

There's this disappointment we feel when the first-round pick doesn't live up to the hype. They're human and can only do so much. Yes, these upper echeclon athletes are one of a kind. They can run fast, jump higher, and hit farther, but underneath it all, they're people just like us.

For Tulsa's Gailen, it's all about trusting the process

By: Devon Teeple

Blake Gailen is living the dream, a dream every kid has when growing up. He's been playing professional baseball for over 11 years and has been successful at every level he's been at. 

But it's not as easy as everyone thinks. Does anyone really understand the ups and downs of a minor league player?

Here at The GM's Perspective, his career has been profiled countless times and each time it's another step in the right direction; to play Major League Baseball. We were fortunate enough to speak with Gailen and his dedication and never say die attitude proves that his chance to play in the bigs is closer than any of us may think.

Albaladejo is Vegas bound, signs deal with Mets

By: Devon Teeple

The 2016 Atlantic League Pitcher of the Year is heading to Las Vegas. Jonathan Albaladejo signed a minor league deal with the New York Mets early last week and was promptly sent to their Triple-A Affiliate.

This isn't anything new for the 17-year professional. He's pitched at every level from the foreign leagues, to the Independent leagues and of course, all the way to the majors. But for Albaladejo, this is nothing short of a true redemption story.

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