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By: Devon Teeple
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Director, Erik Nilsen discusses the MLB B.A.T. program

By: Devon Teeple

The GM's Perspective recently spoke with Erik Nilsen, DirectorBaseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) at Major League Baseball. B.A.T. was formed in 1986 by former MLB'ers. It was originally funded confidentially to help members of an exclusive fraternity who were in need of assistance and were out of options. Whether, it's medical, financial or psychological assistance, Nilsen and his team are there to lend a helping hand. We were fortunate enough to speak and learn more about the organization and the assistance that it can provide to those in need.

The GM’s Perspective: What is your background and how did you got started with the organization?

Erik Nilsen: I played baseball my entire life. I played Division 3 ball for State University of New York at New Paltz for two years than my final two years at York College of Pennsylvania. I was a catcher at D3 and majored in sports management. My thought process was, if I can’t play professional baseball, I also had a dream to work in professional baseball one day. After school I did some internships (Hudson Valley Renegades) and then found a position with the Mets (New York) as a telemarketing sales representative. I did that for about six months and got promoted to group sales rep. After about a year and a half in that role I saw a position with the Commissioner’s office working for the Baseball Assistance Team (B.A.T.) It was pretty enticing knowing I could work in the game, but also help people on a daily basis. I went for the interview and got a phone interview with Bobby Murcer while I was working at Shea Stadium. I eventually got hired in December of 2005 and have been here since. I was promoted to Director in August of 2013.

Three upcoming interviews, all inspiring in their own right

By: Devon Teeple

In the coming weeks The GM's Perspective will be posting three separate interviews. Each have their own identity and have no direct link, however there is one common theme between them; helping out others however you can.

Baseball, the clock is ticking

By: Devon Teeple

Baseball...You’re on the clock. For the first time ever a professional baseball game will be played with a time limit.

The Independent San Rafael Pacifics of the Pacific Association will make history on August 7 against the Vallejo Admirals when their game will be played with a time limit of two hours and 30 minutes.

Performance enhancers amongst the elite and the underdogs

By: Devon Teeple

Clomiphene and Letrozole have caused the UFC huge problems in the past month. In layman's terms, you take estrogen after you take a cycle of performance enhancers because of side effects. When you cycle, your body is introduced to synthetic testosterone. At this point your body is producing testosterone and androgen levels too far above the norm.. The cycle of naturally produced testosterone is therefore halted. Clomiphene will raises testosterone levels. Basically, the athlete isn’t taking anything that produces additional testosterone, but is manipulating their body into thinking it needs more, so it produces more. Letrozole prevents the side effects of exorbitant amounts of estrogen and leaves more testosterone in the system.


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