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Beyond the Smile: Unveiling the Hidden Struggles of Mental Health

Pictures capture smiles and moments of apparent calm and ease, but can you tell (last week) which day I was grappling with a panic attack? It's a real-life reminder that mental health struggles lurk beneath the surface, invisible to even the casual observer. These photos underscore a critical point: Mental health is a complex issue that can be difficult to understand for those experiencing it. It can also be easily misunderstood. Whether in the office, on the field, or at home, the actual state of our mental well-being isn't always apparent. This reality poses a challenge, especially in today's rapidly...
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Beyond the Game: The Stark Economic Divide in Professional Sports

As a fan and former collegiate and professional player, I've witnessed firsthand the highs and lows of what baseball can provide. But, there's another aspect of the sport that is leaving me struggling to understand — the mind-boggling financial dynamics at play. The arbitration struggle between Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and the Toronto Blue Jays is a prime example.  Guerrero is haggling for a $19.9 million paycheck, while the Jays are standing firm at $18.05 million. Beyond the field, these numbers represent more than just salary figures; they reflect a robust economic divide. I bought six tickets for my family to...
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Leading with Grit: Athletes Who Turn Vulnerability into Strength

I was recently asked in an interview about who has been influenced my life, particularly considering my background in athletics and business. This got me thinking about vulnerability in leadership, and three incredible individuals immediately came to mind.  Over my career and reflecting on how The GM’s Perspective has evolved as a website and provider of information, I’ve had the privilege of speaking with athletes who have played at the highest level yet dealt with mental health struggles on the biggest stage. First, I want to talk about Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL goalie. Clint’s openness about his mental health...
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Wellness Wednesday: A Small Step for a Big Cause – Supporting Kicking the Stigma

As we wrap up our #RunningForACause initiative, not to get all emotional, but I’m filled with a lot of self-reflection. This December, we've managed to surpass our goal, hitting 58.4 miles and turning that into a $188 donation to the Indianapolis Colts' Kicking the Stigma Foundation. Initially, one might view $188 as just a drop in the stratosphere. Questions arise: will it make a difference or even get noticed? It's crucial to realize that the value of this donation transcends monetary worth. It's a symbol of our/my commitment to mental health awareness and the stand against the stigma surrounding it....
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Wellness Wednesday: December 27, 2023

December is coming to a close, and our #runningforacause journey is picking up steam! Nearing 50 miles, I'm doubling my runs to add more distance, trying to keep mental health awareness at the forefront.  It's not just about the physical benefits from the run; it's about keeping the vital conversations around anxiety and depression going. Everything this month translates into something tangible for those facing mental health struggles. As we approach the year's end, let's remember the power of perseverance and the importance of our mental health and wellness. ???? And in the spirit of personal growth, I'm thrilled to...
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