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Wellness Wednesday: June 19, 2024

Chris Martin's Journey and the Importance of Mental Health in Sports Red Sox reliever Chris Martin recently opened up about his battle with anxiety, highlighting the importance of addressing mental health. After a two-week stint on the IL, he appeared in relief last night against the Blue Jays. Martin’s MLB journey has not been typical. He nearly gave up the game after hurting his arm in college but used independent ball and the American Association to start his comeback. He expressed gratitude for the support from the Red Sox, his manager, and the league, emphasizing that mental health issues should...
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Wellness Wednesday: June 5, 2024

For our km/miles monthly challenge, we achieved a new high in May, surpassing the previous record set in March. March saw us run 80.1 miles with an average pace of 16'02'', while in May, we reached 81.6 miles at an average pace of 17'24''. Despite a dip in April to 62.1 miles, we bounced back even stronger. Key patterns: Consistency: Steady in the number of runs from 35 in March to 36 in May. Pacing: While the average pace slowed slightly, it allowed for greater mileage and sustainability over the month. Resilience: We overcame the April dip and returned with...
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A Closer Look at the Blue Jays’ Leadership Decisions

Canada’s lone MLB squad has experienced notable shifts in their managerial leadership in recent years, leading to contrasting opinions and decisions from the front office. The tenures of Charlie Montoyo and John Schneider provide an interesting case study into the management's criteria for success and the consistency of their decision-making process. Charlie Montoyo's tenure with the Blue Jays began in 2019 and lasted until mid-2022. During this period, Montoyo managed a total of 472 games, with a win-loss record of 236-236. Despite showing consistent improvement and leading the team to the playoffs in 2020, Montoyo’s tenure was marked by a...
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Wellness Wednesday: May 29, 2024

For this week's Wellness Wednesday, let's give a big shoutout to Superman, Kevin Pillar, the Los Angeles Angels' outfielder. Kevin Pillar’s success is a shining example of the power of hard work and determination. Despite facing a setback when he was Designated For Assignment (DFA'd) just a few weeks ago, he didn't hesitate. Instead, he seized the opportunity created by Mike Trout's absence and has been on an incredible eleven-game hitting streak, batting over .430 since joining. His story is a testament to the fact that with the right mindset and effort, we can overcome any challenge. In this instance,...
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More Than Meets The Eye

I wanted to highlight vintage Kyle Wright dominating on the mound during his breakout 2022 season. What stands out is how he masterfully pitches with precision and strategy, proving that you don’t need to throw gas all the time to do the job. But there’s more to Kyle than what he does on the mound. As a mental health ambassador for the MLB Players Trust, Kyle has faced personal losses and challenges, and he transparently shares his experiences to promote mental health awareness. In honor of Mental Health Month, I wanted to recognize the importance of speaking up when struggling...
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