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Wellness Wednesday: September 6, 2023

2016, I spoke with Katie Sweet, communications manager at the V Foundation For Cancer Research. This gave me a deeper understanding of their mission and purpose in the fight against cancer. As I continue to delve into performance and mental strength, I see individuals like Trea Turner, whose dedication aligns perfectly with the V Foundation's aim and objective. Circling back, I did share a story about a former athlete who allowed baseball to define his self-worth. This level of self-criticism isn't unique to sports but can extend to all aspects of life, revealing how our perceived failures can affect us;...
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Wellness Wednesday: August 30, 2023

In this week's Wellness Wednesday, I wanted to share a recent accomplishment that I'm truly proud of. As many of you know, I’m pursuing my Masters in Human Resources. While this Is just the beginning, submitting a comprehensive 16-page paper on strategic management was more than an academic achievement; it was a testament to the determination to make tangible change. Moments like this reminds me that sometimes taking the longer, more challenging road leads to the most rewarding outcomes. It's about pushing beyond your limits, stepping out of your comfort zone, and putting in the hard work required for meaningful...
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Wellness Wednesday: August 16, 2023

The Transformative Power of Johnny Manziel's Story Whatever opinions people hold about Johnny Manziel, one thing is clear: his story has power. His Netflix documentary “Untold: Johnny Football” isn't just a recounting of his journey—it's a blueprint for redemption and growth.  Despite public perception, It’s not naive to think he can inspire change. If this prompts just one person to reflect and make positive shifts in their life, its influence is unrivaled. Never underestimate the impact of a personal journey
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Wellness Wednesday: August 2, 2023

After reading Travis Snider's Twitter post, I found myself returning to the article I wrote for Sportsnet years ago which discussed his career up to that point. This also prompted me to reflect on my recent posts about the impact of sports pressure on athletes. Snider's career, characterized by a promising start and ensuing struggles, provides a potent illustration of these invisible battles. His candid discussion of his identity crisis, external pressures, and mental health challenges resonates within these narratives we've been talking about, extending beyond the realm of sports and what can influence our everyday lives. Snider spent...
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Wellness Wednesday: July 26, 2023

Recently, I shared a story about a former athlete who allowed baseball to define his self-worth. I've been overwhelmed by the feedback and the personal stories that some of you have shared. Several of you privately recounted your struggles, expressing how a poor performance would dominate the coming days, impacting your mood and mindset for far longer than you'd care to admit. This level of self-criticism isn't unique to sports, but extends to all aspects of life, revealing how intensely our perceived failures can affect us; perceived being the keyword. The science behind our responses to pressure, success, and failure...
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