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Wellness Wednesday: May 17, 2023

Finding Inspiration: A Soundtrack for Wellness During today’s run my original plan, or at least I thought, for Wellness Wednesday was pushed to the side by a freaking great tune; "City Lights" by Strung Out. Pretty damn cool how a certain three minutes can influence our thoughts, drive, and refocus our minds. Music holds an immense power to shape our mindset and elevate our running experience. Discovering what truly inspires and motivates us is key. For me, music becomes a driving force during my runs, influencing each step with an overwhelming, but powerful determination. It serves as a constant reminder...
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Wellness Wednesday: May 10, 2023

Living the Dream: An Inside Look at the Marysville Drakes and the Pecos League Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! Today, we chatted with Bill Rogan, the manager of the Marysville Drakes of the independent Pecos League.  The Pecos League, one of the longest standing in all of independent baseball, is entering into its 13th season. It continues to be a platform for talented players; players that may not necessarily be on the radar of affiliated MLB teams. They can showcase their skills while they continue to pursue their passion for the game. It offers a unique opportunity for athletes to...
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Wellness Wednesday: May 3, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and I am again very proud to share that I will be Running For A Cause. As part of my #runningforacause initiative, I will donate $2 for every kilometer I run throughout the month to a local mental health organization. This continues from my previous events, where we have donated over $800 to local groups over the past three years. Mental health is an issue that affects so many of us, and it's important that we continue to support those who are struggling. We have the power to ignite change and make a positive impact in our community. If...
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Wellness Wednesday: April 19, 2023

Thanks for tuning into Wellness Wednesday! Today, we'll be discussing the inspiring stories of Austin Meadows, an outfielder for the Detroit Tigers, and Daniel Bard, the current closer for the Colorado Rockies, who have both bravely confronted their mental health struggles and highlighted the importance of taking the necessary focus on their health. Road to Recovery: Austin Meadows Austin Meadows faced a challenging 2022 season, missing all but 36 games due to an inner ear infection, vertigo, COVID-19, and lingering soreness in both Achilles tendons. He revealed that mental health struggles also contributed to his extended time away from the...
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Grow Your Business Reach with an Expert Hand

It is a beautiful Saturday morning and I had the pleasure of meeting with Marianne from Caring Moments for our third business meeting. Caring Moments is her pride and joy. Her reflexology business is dedicated to providing exceptional care for clients. In our meeting, we focused on a crucial aspect of business growth - strategically selecting apps to streamline the organization and management of her business needs. We discussed how simplicity is the key to making life easy, and I shared valuable insights on choosing user-friendly and efficient apps that not only save time but also contribute to the smooth...
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"Crafting Care: Spotlight on a Reflexology Expert's Story" Thrilled to announce that Marianne and I have wrapped up a successful session of work! 🎉 Today's

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Today, I’m proud to share the story of our special guest, Ray McElrathbey. His remarkable life journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and the


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