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Wellness Wednesday 4.6.2022 – Mental Health Champions: Why & How Devon Teeple of ignite CHANGE Is Helping To Champion Mental Wellness

Big thank you to Tracy Lamourie and Authority Magazine for making this possible. Authority Magazine,” a Medium publication, is devoted to sharing in-depth, and interesting interviews, featuring people who are authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech. We use interviews to draw out stories that are both empowering and actionable. We believe that good stories should feel beautiful to the mind, heart, and eyes.” When I was approached, it was regarding their Mental Health Champions segment. The interview covered a lot of aspects of my life; how and where I grew up, the passion about this mental...
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Teeple Recognized as Rising Star

Big big thank you to Voyage Magazine for the recognition in their latest edition. It is always humbling to receive recognition of any kind, so I won’t go on too long! I think the most powerful thing I can say is that, the more eyes on this the better. If I can help one person that is struggling, financial management that is the most important thing reasons for not getting more TikTok views. If I can provide someone with a few moments of relief then I’ve done my job money management. If I can educate, advise, or assist in any...
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This is an interesting thing to write. I find that I can put thoughts on paper much more effectively than trying to use my words. This week Kyle Beach came forward as John Doe in the sexual assault investigation against the Chicago Blackhawks. I watched the Beach interview on TSN with Rick Westhead. It’s hard to watch, very hard. I have no idea how Mr. Beach has been able to get through this for this long. To know that the NHL and The Chicago Blackhawks did nothing to help him is disturbing. To know that the abuser was allowed to...
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Wellness Wednesday September 22, 2021

Wellness Wednesday today focuses on the ignite CHANGE scholarship Together with The GM's Perspective, we announced the launching of its $1,000 scholarship for one deserving student who is passionate about making a difference.
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Wellness Wednesday September 8, 2021

We are thrilled to launch our third episode of Wellness Wednesday! We speak with the lead singer of Written By Wolves, Michael Murphy. Additionally, our conversation discusses the bands advocacy of mental health and wellness, including the first iteration of The Collab Project; an EP of collaborative re imaginings from their album 'Secrets' out September 17th.
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Wellness Wednesday

I am so pleased to share our first episode/take/vlog for Wellness Wednesday. The objective of Wellness Wednesday is to provide support for anyone struggling with mental health issues, to provide a live living document of mental health and wellness links that people can search for assistance, and most importantly, provide a sense of community and relief for those who need it. Thank you to everyone who watches and I cannot thank those enough who have been there since the beginning.
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Ignite CHANGE rewards a $1,000 scholarship for students who need assistance to follow their passion in making a difference

It is with great pleasure that we, ignite CHANGE in conjunction with The GM's Perspective, launches a $1,000 scholarship to help students who have a passion for making a difference. Ignite CHANGE, a non-profit community organization that focuses on sports leadership, together with The GM’s Perspective, announces the launching of its $1,000 scholarship for one deserving student who is passionate about making a difference. "I believe a student's personal passion and motivation is the driving force behind everything," Teeple explained. "Our objective is to allow students to take full advantage of what's in front of them." Teeple said that this annual...
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Wellness Wednesday: May 11, 2022

Me and my little ones had a great weekend! We went to the baseball field near our house. The kids rode their scooters over and when we got there, we were the only people. It's weird, it was a perfect day and the old ball yard was looking pretty rough. While Lennox was doing her thing on her scooter, I had my Varsity Blues moment and became a coach. I was teaching Hudson some base running drills and fielding drills. And funny enough, a couple local kids came to the park to hit around and let Hudson run after the...
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Wellness Wednesday 4.20.2022

Few things to talk about this week! To Johnny "Hollywood" Case, Unfortunately, an L stings and as a former professional athlete, and def not at your level, I do know how shitty it is when things don’t go as planned , shit…it happens and it’s what makes you stronger. The future is bright bruther! We got your 6! Second part of our Wellness Wednesday was a shout out to Chillhop, / Lo-fi and this style of music. I’ve only been listening to it for a few years, and I tell ya, it is amazing. Whether I’m working late at night...
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Wellness Wednesday 2/9/2022

I spent a few minutes on our latest Wellness Wednesday talking about the new Vince Carter bio, #Legacy. Truly a remarkable piece of work. What really got me was the comment around Vince understanding the why behind Coach Butch Carters's asks.  Really!! How do you improve the best in the world at what they do? Great conversation that's for sure.
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Wellness Wednesday 1/19/2022

Whatever keeps you motivated and keeps you being your best self...That's what matters. Running has been therapy for me. It's changed my mindset and has continued to help me stay healthy and fit. If I realized the impact this would have on me, I would have ramped this up a long long time ago.
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Happy moms day to all the moms!! From me and my dude and to all the moms from my past lives in the north and

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A short but urgently important message! Have a great day! And, this mental health week…grow . Learn about mental health, wellness, AND ask questions Anxiety,


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