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Wellness Wednesday: November 15, 2023

Taking a look at my running stats from the past two years there are countless ways you can dissect it, but for conversation purposes here’s the breakdown: In 2022, I accumulated 782.8 miles over 465 runs, averaging 1.6 miles per run. Fast forward to 2023, and while the total dipped to 573.4 miles over 301 runs, my average distance per run did trend in the right direction to 1.9 miles per.  The numbers show a strategic shift in how I prioritize my runs—focusing more on the quality and intention behind each one rather than the quantity. With 6.4 runs per...
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Beyond Numbers: The Real Weight of Transformation

This all started at 225 lbs. When I made the decision to actually pay real attention I weighed 188.9 lbs. Now, here I am, at 167.5lbs. The numbers are always part of the story but there is real change within all the noise. My recent 'Food Insights' is me poking the bear of what’s possible. It sheds light on the daily choices I've made. Less of the harmful stuff and more of the beneficial things (keeping it simple) It's a balance – understanding not just what to reduce, but what to embrace. Here's a core belief of mine: I don't...
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Wellness Wednesday: October 4, 2023

This week on Wellness Wednesday, I’m going to dig into an interesting interview between Rodney Harrison and Chris Jones of the KC Chiefs. It happened after the Chiefs 23-20 win this past Sunday Night. Harrison seemed to be trying to provoke Jones into making some negative comments about the Jets' QB, Zach Wilson. Indeed, it's disappointing when individuals in influential positions use their platform to criticize others unfairly.  Zach Wilson, like many young athletes, faces immense pressure and scrutiny. It's important to remember that development takes time, especially in the NFL. Chris Jones's recognition of Wilson's talent and potential is...
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Wellness Wednesday: September 28, 2023

This week on Wellness Wednesday, I want to talk about a topic that particularly resonates with entrepreneurs: mentorship. It's a powerful tool for personal and professional growth, but unfortunately, opportunities for regular people to access mentorship can sometimes be out of reach. I recently had some business coaches approach me about signing up for some workshops. This got me thinking about the barriers that cost can pose for individuals looking to make meaningful changes in their lives and careers, especially those who don’t have access to the funds It's essential for these so-called experts to recognize the impact they could...
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Wellness Wednesday: September 6, 2023

2016, I spoke with Katie Sweet, communications manager at the V Foundation For Cancer Research. This gave me a deeper understanding of their mission and purpose in the fight against cancer. As I continue to delve into performance and mental strength, I see individuals like Trea Turner, whose dedication aligns perfectly with the V Foundation's aim and objective. Circling back, I did share a story about a former athlete who allowed baseball to define his self-worth. This level of self-criticism isn't unique to sports but can extend to all aspects of life, revealing how our perceived failures can affect us;...
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